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Bittersweet- Rachelle Kretchmer

It’s been exactly two weeks since we’ve returned to America. While it is great to be home and see familiar faces, eat food I’m accustomed to, and be able to read street signs, I do truly miss Taiwan and wish I could go back. Having the ability to go abroad with this program was really eye opening and helped me learn a lot about other cultures, international business practices and struggles, and even more about myself––who I am as a person, and who I should be in various situations. I guess you really learn a lot about people and life itself by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Also, by being outside of your comfort zone you learn to be really appreciative of the basic luxuries you’re afforded on a daily basis such as communication. When you’re in a foreign country where you lack something such as basic communication with people, you can really see the value of the little things such as being able to converse with someone and genuinely understand one another. These little things often go unnoticed and unacknowledged back at home, however, when abroad, the true value and purpose of these “little things” are revealed.

I truly recommend anybody interested in LINC to go for it! Not many students have the opportunity to travel across the world with people they barely know and experience a different culture, especially their freshman year of college. I now look forward to engaging in future study abroad or international excursion programs, as this tiny glimpse of Taiwan has given me a taste of traveling and now I can’t wait to get back on the road, or plane, or high speed rail train to explore the world again.

It’s bittersweet to part with this trip. It was a great experience and it is sad to know it is over––one week goes by so quickly! But, at least I can walk away knowing I have gained a lot of irreplaceable memories and.. I have a lot of pictures to reminisce! 


Rachelle Kretchmer

P.S. Here are a few pictures from the trip, there will be a followup post with more!




The Temple’s interior


Beautiful architecture and a stray dog.


The group’s collective favorite drink of the trip: Kiwi Juice. We each probably drank 3-8 cups per person (unlimited refills)


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial


Inside a “99” NTD store, kind of like a dollar store in America. There were many random items.